Our security service—New South Wales


SSG Officer — Security Service in Port Macquarie, NSW
At Sigma Services Group, we have a strong commitment to providing excellent service throughout New South Wales.

Since our establishment, we have continued to grow each year in employee numbers and our annual business turnover. We strive to maintain this success year after year by continuing to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clients.

Our team has an excellent reputation for the provision of professional and dedicated personnel. Our service commitment to you is that we listen, act, monitor and learn.

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We Listen


When you choose our team, you can trust we'll listen to your requirements. We're dedicated to meeting and exceeding all expectations.

To do this, we begin with a consultation session where we will analyse your requirements, so that we can accurately determine the best service to meet these needs. From there, we will conduct regular reviews so we can establish what is, and what is not, working for you. Our team takes all feedback seriously and will always provide a prompt response to client correspondence.

In the event that you are not satisfied with an employee's performance, we will remove them and provide a more suitable replacement. If you are happy to continue with the same employee, we can provide further training to improve their work performance.

We Act


After our initial consultation, we will conduct risk assessments in-line with occupational health and safety and safe work practice requirements. From there we'll turn your requirements into service criterion that is represented by Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI).

Generally, standard operating procedures include:

  • Statements of duties
  • Site risk assessments
  • Staff input & observations
  • Service agreement conditions

All documentation and processes are developed with the appropriate staff member to ensure everything we've put in place is relevant, compliant and suitable for your needs.

We Monitor


Our team is proud to have a thorough monitoring and reporting process. All procedures are documented and kept on file for any future reference.

Incident reports are also a mandatory requirement for all of our service divisions. Our staff are required to submit reports on incidents and maintain electronic and physical records of these statements.

At the end of every shift the supervisor will review each report and make note of any action taken. Any serious incidents are reported to the company director for further information and action.

We Learn


At Sigma Services Group, we pride ourselves on continually learning. We recognise that mistakes can happen and work to rectify them as soon as possible.

We'll work to improve a process, amend standard operating procedures, work on employee performance and take disciplinary action where required. We are always open in communication with our clients to ensure stability and excellent service.