New South Wales campus security


Campus Security — Campus Security in Port Macquarie, NSW
For comprehensive security at your educational facility, choose Sigma Services Group. We operate a full-service security company that is available 24/7.

We will combine our services into an all-inclusive package that covers the requirements of your educational facility. Our team will protect both students, staff and property, and will maintain the integrity of the campus environment.

At SSG, we can provide security guards, campus patrols, lock-up services, CCTV and emergency planning services to schools, universities and child-care centres in Port Macquarie.

Working with you we will determine the best services for your needs. Our team has worked with a number of educational facilities in the region.
Get in touch to see how we can help keep your facility safe.

Security Guards & Patrol Officers


Our fully licensed and experienced security guards and patrol officers will give you peace of mind knowing your campus is protected from unauthorised persons. We will ensure students and staff are attended to in times of trouble.

With our guard's presence, criminal activity will be deterred and easily detectable. Our team works to patrol grounds to your instruction and will report any incidents to the campus manager, as required.

We can also have our guard's secure buildings and facility equipment by ensuring that all windows, doors and gates are kept locked. They can also turn off all electrical appliances and activate electronic security systems. Our team will respond rapidly to any alarms and will monitor all electronic security systems.

Access Control


Ensure that your campus is protected from unauthorised personnel with access control from SSG.

We will issue campus keys as directed and approved by the facility manager. We'll also maintain a register of these keys and provide an unlocking service where we will unlock campus buildings or rooms for authorised personnel.

Our team can also install alarmed systems and CCTV cameras to your facility to ensure optimal security. We will strategically place cameras to deter crimes against campus property. CCTV cameras help to resolve criminal activity and give you an upper hand in identifying culprits.

Emergency Response Procedures


Keep your students, staff and visitors safe during emergencies with thorough evacuation procedures.

Our security team can help you prepare for evacuation by creating and implementing appropriate procedures in the event of:

  • Fire
  • Gas leaks
  • Physical threats
  • Elevator outages
  • Medical emergencies

    By preparing for these events you can avoid serious injury when emergencies do occur. Our procedures will provide your facility occupants with peace of mind.

    Campus Maintenance


    While on campus our security guards can also carry out general maintenance. We'll keep your grounds looking neat and tidy for all visitors, so you make a great first impression.

    Our guards will ensure walkways are kept clear, green waste is deposited, facility fleet vehicles are maintained, non-classroom areas are kept tidy and emergency cleaning is taken care of. We can also assist with minor repairs and maintenance to light tubes, room booking sheets and paper supplies on the campus.